Below you will find videos related to products and services offered by Rainwater Management Solutions, past rainwater harvesting projects, and other videos related to the industry.

A quick overview of how to install the WISY Downspout Filter or WISY Garden Downspout Filter. Learn more about the WISY Downspout Filter

Shawn Crawford explains the components of one of our 15 gallon per minute Residential rainwater harvesting purification skids.

The WISY WFF100 or WFF150 are perfect pre-filters for small to mid-size collection areas for rainwater harvesting. Shawn Crawford discusses the general operation of the Vortex Filters as well as the routine maintenance required.

The United Association video discussing Rainwater Harvesting, featuring RMS president David Crawford.

One family in Carnation, WA wanted an eco friendly (passive) house. After careful research, and with the prospect of a prohibitively expensive well, they installed a large cistern to provide water to the home. This flagship project is the first of its kind to be permitted in King County. It uses an impressive series of filters and safeguards to ensure that the water is always safe to drink.