At Rainwater Management Solutions, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to the Salem community and the world.

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Solar farmhouse near Ann Arbor one of world's greenest homes

Rainwater Management Solutions' Dave Stark worked on this project in Ann Arbor, Mich. to implement rainwater harvesting into the home. The home is just the second home in the world to receive Living Building Challenge certification. 

Younos: U.S. drinking water problems: Flint, Michigan and beyond: Part II

Dr. Tamim Younos continues his look at the water resources established in the United States and how different sources can be affected by aging infrastructure, corrosion, and other issues. 

PM Engineer: Mexico establishes rainwater harvesting association

ARCSA past president E.W. Bob Boulware, P.E., and Billy Kniffen traveled to Guadalajara for a meeting taht helped to establish the Mexican national rainwater harvesting association, Association Mexicana De Sistemas De Captacion De Agua De Lluvia (AMSCALL). 

Younos: Rethinking water management in urban areas

Dr. Tamim Younos examines the impact of water on urban areas as well as the flow from urban areas out to rural lakes, rivers, streams, and aquifers. He also looks at steps that can be taken to lessen the impact. 

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BuildingGreen Announces Top 10 Products for 2018

The Grayworks modular graywater unit has been named in the top 10 products for the year!

Consider the Source

Shawn talks with Lawn & Landscape about the essentials for a using a rainwater harvesting system for irrigation.

A Tour of Cool Products from Greenbuild 2016

Building Green features the Grayworks modular graywater unit in a review of products from Greenbuild 2016. 

Note: This is a link to a paid subscription article.

Rainwater Harvest Makes Sense

A rainwater harvesting article that features a Rainwater Management Solutions residential system located in the Northern Neck of Virginia. 

Rainwater Management Solutions, Inc. Announces Distribution Agreement with SiteOne Landscape Supply

Rainwater Management Solutions and SiteOne Landscape Supply have announced a distribution partnership. The partnership provides a platform for the distribution of RMS's rainwater harvesting offerings through SiteOne's extensive network. SiteOne, formerly known as John Deere Landscapes, has over 470 retail locations across the United States and Canada and is the largest distributor of landscape supplies in the United States.


Rainwater Management Solutions, Inc. and Critical Flow to Form Graywater Joint Venture

Rainwater Management Solutions and Critical Flow, LLC of Charlottesville, Va., have announced a special joint venture entity to commercialize a family of graywater treatment and reuse systems. The joint venture, under the name of Grayworks, will compliment the suite of rainwater collections and reuse products currently offered by RMS to its clients.


Rainwater Management Solutions, Inc. merges with Stark Rainwater Harvesting

Stark Rainwater Harvesting and Rainwater Management Solutions, Inc. have completed a merger bringing Dave Stark of Duluth, Minn. on board as a part of the company, specializing in stormwater and rainwater management. RMS and Stark Rainwater Harvesting have collaborated on multiple projects over the last five years. Full release in link above.


Rainwater Harvesting Case Study: Seagate Media Research Center

Rainwater harvesting case study published in ASPE Journal about a system provided by Rainwater Management Solutions to Seagate's Media Research Center in Fremont, California. The project features two WISY WFF300 Vortex Filters, two 29,700-gallon tanks and a filtration and purification skid to treat the water before sending it to the end-use of flushing toilets, cooling tower make-up and scrubber make-up.


Virginia Tech researchers: Flint-like problems also present in Virginia wells

An article from The Roanoke Times regarding water quality in Virginia wells


Winner: Best Green Building Product

The Wisy WFF 150 Vortex Filter won Best Green Building Product at the 2016 International Builders' Show


Retrofitting an old house for water conservation

This Contractor Magazine article discusses a house currently occupied by Purdue University students that has been retrofitted to reuse rainwater


"Drought or Flood" 

An article about Virginia's water supply.


"Collecting Rainwater Now Illegal in Many States"

This article discusses different states that have outlawed rainwater harvesting.


"Rainwater Harvesting, Part 2. Meeting specific challenges"

Part 2 of the Rainwater Harvesting Article written by Steve Goldberg.


"Harvest Time"

Article by Benjamin Sojka talking about the installation of a rainwater harvesting system at a wash transit facility in Virginia.


"State Rainwater Harvesting Statues, Programs and Legislation"

An article about programs and legislation passed on rainwater harvesting in states across the United States. 


"Rain Water Harvesting Pilot Project"

Video showcasing a Rainwater Management Solutions rainwater harvesting system on a Poultry Farm in Farmville, Va. that was installed.


"Climate change may increase risk of water shortages in hundreds of US counties by 2050"

An article discussing water shortages due to climate change. 


"Cistern filtration for rainwater harvesting"

March 1, 2012. A second article in the series of articles by John Rattenbury that discuss rainwater harvesting.


"Buried No Longer: Confronting America's Water Infrastructure Challenge"

AWWA An article reviewing the condition America's water supply infrastructure. Check it out!


"Rainwater harvesting 101"

January 1, 2012. A series of articles by John Rattenbury that discuss rainwater harvesting.


"Water Dependency of Energy Production and Power Generation Systems"

An article by Tamin Younos in the January issue of the American Water Resources Association magazine.January 2012 An article by Tamin Younos in the January issue of the American Water Resources Association magazine.