WISY Vortex Fine Filter WFF300 Stainless Steel

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wisy WFF300 vortex filter stainless steel.jpg

WISY Vortex Fine Filter WFF300 Stainless Steel


Filters rainwater from up to 33,000 sq. ft.

The WISY High Capacity Vortex Fine Filter is used in installations where multiple downspouts are connected to a single pipe into the vortex filter. A single unit can filter precipitation from a roof area up to 33,000 square feet for site irrigation, toilet and urinal flushing, janitorial use, laundries, fire protection, evaporative cooling tower make-up, process water, or other non-potable uses. The filter is to be installed above ground to direct debris to the stormwater system and divert up to 95% of clean rainwater to a storage tank. 

The Stainless Steel WISY WFF 300 connects with a DN300 flange pipe for above-ground storage. The filter housing and the filter insert are made of stainless steel. Filter mesh size is 0.38 mm (380 microns). Filter insert requires cleaning a few times a year and is dishwasher safe. 

In contrast to the standard WISY WFF 300, the Stainless Steel version can withstand a max pressure build-up of 87 PSI. The filter is rated for a maximum flow rate of 1,277 gallons per minute. 

Parts included: filter housing, filter insert, filter lift handle, and lid

Flange Connections

  • Inlet: DN300/PN6
  • Clean water outlet: DN200/PN6
  • Dirty water outlet: DN300/PN6

Optional Equipment:

  • WFF300 Gold Titan Filter
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Watch the video below to see how a Vortex Filter functions:

A brief video showing how a WISY Vortex Filter separates debris from the incoming rainwater to filter it prior to storage in a tank.