WISY Downspout Rainwater Filter Package

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WISY Downspout Rainwater Filter Package


Filters rainwater from up to 1,600 sq. ft.

Available with 3" or 4" top.

The WISY downspout rainwater collector connects to a single vertical rainwater downspout and can filter precipitation from a roof area up to 1,600 square feet for irrigation, car washing or other non-potable uses. The filter is installed above-grade in the vertical rainwater downpiping to direct debris to the stormwater system and divert 95% of clean rainwater to the storage tank or rain barrel. The filter also operates as a first flush device. This filter should only be used with round downspouts or with a converter kit providing at least 20” of vertical round pipe above the filter.

The WISY downspout filter collector can be installed in vertical metal or plastic downspouts. The downspout filter provides overflow protection and diversion when the collection tank is full. Housing and filter insert are made of stainless steel. Filter mesh size is 0.28 mm (280 microns). Filter insert requires cleaning a few times a year and is dishwasher safe.

Package includes: mounting clip & screwhose & tension ring

WISY Part Numbers:

  • 3” Downspout Connection: FS 0305

  • 4” Downspout Connection: FS 0304

Optional Equipment:

Top Size:
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Watch the video below to see how a Vortex Filter functions:

A brief video demonstrating how a WISY Downspout Filter separates debris from the incoming rainwater to filter it prior to storage in a tank.

Watch the instructional video below for how to install the filter